Romania: Hidroelectrica’s future onshore and offshore wind power projects

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Wind farms are part of the Hidroelectrica ‘s investment projects which should be completed by 2037, and would require total funds of some 5.4 billion euros. This Romanian electricity producer, has included in its investment strategy onshore and offshore wind projects with a combined installed capacity of 600 MW at estimated cost planned by 2025 would amount to 1.5 billion euros.

The offshore wind farm will have installed capacity of 300 MW and would require investments 594 million euros, which should be financed from the company’s own sources anf European funds (including those under the EU Green Deal). The future wind farm is estimated to produce 998.6 GWh of electricity per year, at a factor average capacity of 38%. Hidroelectrica expects to complete the project in 2026.

The offshore wind project will start based on a study on the potential of wind energy production in the Romanian section of the Black Sea, given that this option has not been seriously analyzed so far.

The onshore wind farm, which will also have installed capacity of 300 MW, would cost some 385 million euros and will produce 683 GWh per year, at an average capacity factor of 26 %. This project should be ready by 2025.

The company also plans to invest in solar power plants, with a total installed capacity of between 50 and 100 MW, depending on the result of a feasibility study.