Romania, How to best utilize 16 billion euros

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During the discussion how to best utilize 16 billion euros that Romania will receive from the European Union by 2030 for investments in green energy transition, Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said that the country should focus on developing its facilities for the production of parts and equipment used in renewable energy projects, rather than importing that equipment from abroad.

According to Prime Minister, this approach will generate both economic benefits, through sustainable development of production capacities
in the energy sector, as well as new jobs, in the technological fields of the future. The alternative would be investing the EU funds in grants and subsidies for investors in wind farms and solar power plants.

Under the Integrated National Energy and Climate Change Plan (PNIESC) for the 2021-2030 period, Romania will reach 5.1 GW of installed capacity in solar and 5.3 GW in wind power by 2030, which means that it has to build additional 6.9 GW of renewable installed capacity in the next decade.