Romania: Increase in profitability of electricity and gas distributors which use EU funds proposed by ANRE

, SEE Energy News

An incentive of 2 % over the regulated rate of return for electricity and gas distribution and transmission operators accessing European funds for network development was proposed by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE).

According to the regulator, in order to stimulate investment in projects in which European non-reimbursable funds have been attracted, it is proposed to grant an incentive of 2 % above the regulated rate of return, if the investments in this category have been made and put into operation by operators after the date of entry into force of this order.

ANRE also proposes the modification and completion of some methodologies for establishing the regulated tariffs for the network services in the energy field. This is done in the sense of including in the regulated tariffs the costs associated with the royalties for the concession of state-owned goods and the royalties provided in the concession contracts for the transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas and/or related goods in the public property of the state or of an administrative-territorial unit.