Romania: Increased electricity production in power generation facilities jan-aug 2014

, SEE Energy News

Primary energy resources increased by 3.4% during January 1 to August 31, 2014 compared to the same in 2013, while electricity rose by 8.5% in the period under review.

During this period, power resources generation was 41 77 billion kWh, an increase of 3.28 billion kWh (+ 8.5%) compared to the corresponding period of 2013 increase electricity resource was mainly due to increased production by 3.4 billion kWh (8, 9%).

According to National statistical Institute INS, production of power plants was 17.19 billion kWh, an increase of 891.6 million kWh (+ 5.5%), production of hydropower totaled 12.76 billion KWh in advance 1880000000 kWh (+ 17.4%), while that of nuclear power plants totaled 7.63 billion KWh, declining by 47 million kWh (-0.6%).

Production of wind power was 2.94 billion kWh, increasing by 45.1 million kWh over the same period last year, while solar photovoltaic produced during this period was 973.5 million kWh, increase of 623.3 million kWh.

Final consumption of electricity in the national economy was 32.96 billion kWh, 1.1% lower than last year, public lighting decreased by 25.1%, and household consumption fell by 1.6%.

Export of electricity was 4.63 billion kWh (an additional 3.82 billion KWh) and their consumption in networks and stations was 4.17 billion KWh , declining to 168.9 million kWh (-3.9%), concludes INS.

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