Romania: Investments in electricity  sector in 2019-2030 period estimated at 14  billion euros

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According to the Energy Strategy of Romania 2019-2030, with the perspective of the year 2050, published by the Ministry of Energy, total investments required in the electricity sector for the said period is estimated to about 14 billion euros, while investments in the electricity network alone are estimated to some 500 million euros per year until 2030.

The investments in the electricity network include the interconnection and other development projects provided by the transmission system operator Transelectrica in its development plan for 2016-2025 and its continuation until 2030, as well as the estimated level of investments in distribution networks. The investments include equipment and technologies that will enable the transition to smart networks, providing efficient management and greater flexibility in operation. The most important investment goals in the electricity sector are: the construction of units 3 and 4 at Romania’s sole nuclear power plant Cernavoda, the construction of new 600 MW unit at TPP Rovinari, as well as new 400 MW unit at TPP Turceni, construction of pump-storage hydropower plant Tarnita-Lapustesti, conversion of TPP Craiova to natural gas, construction of 400 MW gas-fired unit at TPP Mintia, as well as construction of several HPPs: 500 MW Turnu Magurele – Nicopole, 145 MW Olt, 90 MW Jiu and 35 MW Rastolita.