Romania, Investments of 1.62 billion euros in energy sector

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The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) provides for an allocation of 1.62 billion euros with the implementation period until August 2026.

Romanian Ministry of Energy has published the state aid scheme and the specific guide for investments in new renewable energy production capacities, the renewable gas distribution infrastructure (use of natural gas in combination with green hydrogen as a transitional measure), as well as green hydrogen production capacities and/or its use for electricity storage, and flexible and highly efficient gas production capacities for cogeneration of electricity and heat (CHP) in district heating.

Romanian Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu said that the current energy crisis has shown that the long-term solution lies in serious investments in the energy sector. Financial resources exist, which are also included in the PNRR. Romania will launch several calls for projects in order to access funds in the amount of 1.62 billion euros. Namely, at the end of March, the Ministry will launch several calls for projects for investments in new electricity generation capacities from renewable sources, for the development of flexible and high-efficiency gas production capacities, for the cogeneration of electricity and heat (CHP) in district heating. He added that he is confident that these funds will be accessed and that the Romanian would have new electricity generation capacities starting in 2024.

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