Romania: Investor in new Tarnita-Lapustesti HPP will be exempted from water usage fees, prequalification list getting bigger

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Public or private investors who will operate the hydropower and pumped storage from Tarniţa – Lăpuşteşti will benefit from exemptions from tax on water and land usage. The state estimates that these costs will be recovered by taxes related to the investment of over 1 billion euros and social contributions that they will pay for the approximately 4,000 employees.

According to a draft Ordinance on measures for the development of the electrical energy storage and Power System balancing by building and operating hydroelectric pumped storage, already posted for public debate on the Department of Energy, “pumped storage power plants benefit for land required to achieve them, the exemption from taxes unusable aside or national forest. ”

In support of this provision, the initiators have claimed that, since the land necessary for the construction of such plants is hundreds of acres and cost taxes may exceed 100,000 euros / ha, “charging them is a barrier in itself to promote such investment decision public interest.

Significant number of investors interested

Tarniţa Hydro representatives, the project company that plans to build a hydro billion euros in Cluj County, said that a “significant” number of investors are interested in investment. Investors pre-qualified list will be published on November 14.

Shareholders Hydro Electric and Energy Complex Tarniţa are Hunedoara, each with 50% share. Tarniţa The company’s capital Hydro Power Complex will participate County, Nuclearelectrica Oltenia Energy Complex and Society for Equity in Energy Management (SAPE), with investors to be selected.

Hydro-Lăpuşteşti Tarniţa would be built over 5-7 years, 30 kilometers from the city of Cluj-Napoca. The unit is expected to take four units of 250 MW each. During plant construction will create over 4,000 jobs.