Romania: Lower RES installed capacity by 2030

, SEE Energy News

Transelectrica’s electricity network development plan for 2020-2029 was updated. The plan of this electricity transmission system operator envisages that the installed capacity in wind and solar power would be three times less than the one assumed by Romania at the European Commission through the National Integrated Energy and Climate Change Plan.

The plan’s revised draft, which was sent to the European Commission in early 2020, envisaged the installation of additional 2,300 MW in wind and 3,700 MW in solar power, namely 6,000 MW in RES capacity in the next ten years.

However, recently updated Transelectrica’s 10-year network development plan envisaged several development scenarios, depending on the new electricity production capacities that will be put into operation. There is a so-called green scenario, in which Transelectrica estimates that only 1,100 MW of wind and 900 MW of solar capacities will be put into operation by 2030.

According to this scenario, pump-storage hydropower system Tarnita-Lapustesti with 1,000 MW will be put into operation within the next decade, as well as the completion of a third unit of Romania’s sole nuclear power plant Cernavoda. In addition, the scenario envisages commissioning of 1,300 MW in new hydro power plants by the end of the decade.

In total, according to this this scenario, Romania would have an installed capacity of about 23,400 MW by 2029, compared to below 19,700 MW at the moment.