Romania: Market liberalization will raise the gas price

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The gas price for households in Romania will increase by an average of 5 percent per year until 2018th. The growth will be based on the liberalization of regulated gas market, agreed with the International Monetary Fund IMF.

According to Government sources, the first price adjustment will start from July 1st, when the gas price for households will rise by about 6 percent, according

“The gas price will increase by 1.3 EUR per megawatt each year until 2018th. We managed to convince IMF to stop at a price of 17.5 EUR per megawatt, instead of 20.2 EUR, as initially announced”, sources say.

The gas price will increase to 17.5 EUR per megawatt in 2018th, when the increase in prices will stop. The Government will then conduct analysis, and if the gas price continues to be below the market one, the price growth will continue, but at a slower pace until 2021st.

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