Romania: Modernization of medium and low voltage networks of E-Distributie Dobrogea

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E-Distributie Dobrogea, the electricity distribution company within the Enel group, has launched a tender to award design and execution services for the maintenance and modernization of medium and low voltage power lines and installations in Constanta, Calarasi, Ialomita, and Tulcea counties.

The grid modernization works aim to increase their resilience and reliability. The investments in medium voltage grids are reflected in the significant cut in the number of unplanned outages and, in particular, in their duration.

The framework agreement covers a period of 36 months and amounts to over 25 million euros without VAT. Interested companies can submit their offers until 30 June. The selection will be made based on the most advantageous financial offers. The maintenance or modernization works target the overhead and/or underground electricity lines and the medium/low voltage installations of E-Distributie Dobrogea.

In Dobrogea, E-Distributie has planned for 2021 investments of more than 35 million euros in the modernization and digitalization of electricity grids. Out of this amount, 4.5 million euros are allocated for modernization/construction works of medium voltage lines and substations, and 7 million euros for modernization/construction works of low voltage lines.

The value of this year’s electricity network modernization and maintenance programs is added to the investments of over 300 million euros, made in total by E-Distributie Dobrogea in the 2006–2020 period.