Romania: Nuclear energy will cover 35 % of electricity consumption by 2030

, SEE Energy News

Nuclear energy will cover 35 % of the country’s electricity consumption by 2030, with the construction of two additional reactors, according to Romanian electricity producer and the operator of sole nuclear power plant Cernavoda – Nuclearelectrica.

Last month, the Romanian Parliament ratified the Memorandum between the United States and Romania on the cooperation in the civil nuclear sector, which envisages the expansion of NPP Cernavoda with two additional units.

By the 2030, nuclear energy will provide about 35 % of consumption needs by operating four CANDU nuclear units, will avoid the release of 20,000,000 million tons of CO2 per year, will indirectly create nearly 19,000 jobs in the supply chain, and will contribute to the development of education and research in the nuclear and related fields, the company says in the statement.

Through its investment projects worth approximately 9 billion euros, Nuclearelectrica claims the role of a pillar in the decarbonization effort, simultaneously with the generation of multiple effects of micro and macroeconomic development.