Romania: Nuclearelectrica sold next year’s electricity at increased prices

, SEE Energy News

According to the National Statistics Institute, the price of electricity has risen by 16.97 % in the last year.

Earlier this week, Romanian electricity producer Nuclearelectrica held an auction for the sale of four electricity packages with deliveries during 2022 at OPCOM’s centralized market for bilateral contracts.

The company auctioned four packages: two with 10 MW and two with 5 MW for the delivery be-tween 1 January and 31 December 2022. The first two packages, amounting to 87.6 GWh of electricity, were sold to companies Enterex and E.ON at prices of 80.4 and 80.6 euros/MWh, which is about 2 euros above the asking price.

The two 5 MW packages (43.8 GWh), Nuclearelectrica sold to Enterex at prices of 82.6 and 82.8 euros/MWh, more than 4 euros above the starting price.

This is the first time on OPCOM that the electricity for 2022 delivery was sold at prices above 80 euros/MWh and a clear signal that electricity prices will continue to rise.