Romania: OMV Petrom earned 500 million euros from non-oil sales

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According to the financial report by OMV Petrom, Romanian subsidiary of Austrian OMV Group, the company earned about 500 million euros last year through the sales of non-oil related products and services.

OMV Petrom has a network of 550 petrol stations in Romania, which also sell a variety of non-oil related products, such as soft drinks, snacks, magazines, books, toys and other products, and could also be considered as one of the biggest owners of small supermarkets in Romania.

For example, the company’s non-fuel sales in 2015 were higher than those of French retailer Cora, which owns 11 hypermarkets in Romania. According to the company’s financial report, the sales of these complimentary products amounted to 15 % of the total retail sales in 2015, transmits

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