Romania: Only 40 % of consumers consider electricity supplier switch

, SEE Energy News

According to Director of INSCOP Research Remus Stefureac, around 40 % of Romanian consumers are considering the possibility of concluding a contract for the supply of electricity with another company than the current one.

This is a result of a survey conducted by INSCOP Research in partnership with the think tank Strategic Thinking Group. The percentage is even lower when it comes to gas consumers, 36 % of which would consider changing their supplier.

The survey shows that most of the Romanians who have such intentions have higher education, live in urban areas, in the most developed areas, such as Bucharest or western Romania, and represent an active population, aged between 30 and 44.

Also, 86 % of the survey participants agree that the Black Sea gas should be exploited, and a share of 93.8 % of respondents believe that these investments are important for the economic recovery of the country. According to 45 % of the participants, Russia will be the main beneficiary if the Black Sea gas is not extracted.

78.3 % of Romanians believe that the state should maintain control over the energy companies where it is the majority shareholder, while 65.9 % of Romanians agree that the state should invest in nuclear energy.