Romania: OPCOM power exchange records maximum trading results

, SEE Energy News

Maximum trading volume on day-ahead power market was carried out for delivery date October, 8 2016 according to the Romanian Power Exchange OPCOM.

Total trading volume was 89,302.2 MWh, by which the previous record has been broken, and it amounted 85,629 MWh for delivery date December 10, 2014; the average trading volume was 3,720.9 MWh/h; trading volume per hour – 4,200 MWh (for a 12 hours period). Romania – Hungary trade flow was 486 MWh/h (registered between 12 and 15).

The share of consumer transactions on delivery date October, 8 2016 reached 63.36%, which represents the second maximum value recorded for delivery date May 2, 2016 (63.57%).

The number of participants who have submitted bids was 230. The average price of electricity was 33.62 EUR per MWh, according to OPCOM statement.