Romania: OPCOM traded value of transactions in 2015 reached 2.5 billion eur

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Romania OPCOM aims to remain in Central Eastern Europe region but also in 8th South East in order to boost regional market development.

The annual value of transactions made ​​by participants in the electricity market operated by OPCOM exceed 2.5 billion euros in 2015, future years is estimated an increase to 1-1.2 billion, according to Mr Victor Ionescu , CEO of Market Operator of Electricity and Natural Gas in Romania (OPCOM).

“We have a project that celebrates 15 years of existence and works well. We manage trading with 1,784 participants in eight markets, 12 products and 38 instruments, “said Mr. Ionescu, adding that OPCOM organized annually more than 250,000 trading session, with a success rate of over 75% and a participation rate exceeding 62%.”

All our projects seeks to integrate the Romanian market for electricity in Europe. We are trying, through legislation approved recently by the European Commission to find the necessary solution that Romania is no longer just in the region 8th (South East), but to stay in the Central and Eastern Europe, to ensure good practice and to meet the intentions of trading participants, “said director OPCOM. , transmits

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