Romania, Proposal for the establishment of diversified state-owned electricity producer

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The leader of the Romanian Social Democrats (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu is proposing the establishment of a diversified state-owned energy company that would allow the country to become energy self-sufficient.

The idea of putting together electricity generations using different technologies is not new, and it has been advocated by experts – but not investors, particularly the private shareholders of Hidroelectrica. However, the major threat faced by such a holding is the independent and professional (not politically biased) management.

Ciolacu said that he believes that, with such a political force in the Parliament, the time has come to create a major energy company that will use both renewable and conventional resources (nuclear, coal and gas), a state-owned company that would allow Romania to become energy independent in 3 to 5 years.

Previous Governments also contemplated the idea of merging profitable hydro-based electricity producer Hidroelectrica with financially unstable coal-based electricity producers EC Oltenia or EC Hunedoara.