Romania recorded the lowest spot electricity price in the region

, SEE Energy News

According to Romanian energy exchange OPCOM, electricity prices on the spot market on Friday, 27 December were the lowest in the region. The price on OPCOM’s spot market was 37.41 euros/MWh, while in the rest of the countries with which Romania is connected, respectively Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the price was 39.68 euros/MWh. On Friday morning, Romania was producing 7,230 MW of electricity and was consuming 5,940 MW, which means that the difference of 1.290 MW was exported.

The majority of Romania’s electricity at that moment was produced by wind farms – 2,118 MW, followed by nuclear power plant Cernavoda with 1,357 MW, hydropower plants with 1,337 MW, coalfired thermal power plants with 1,015 MW), gasfired thermal power plants with 950 MW, solar power plants with 243 MW and biomass power plants with 49 MW.


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