Romania: Recovery of oil and gas sector – recommended measures

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The Romanian Federation of Petroleum and Gas Employers (FPPG) calls on the Government for ongoing consultations in order to prioritize the projects aimed at really supporting the economic recovery, the recovery in the medium and long term and the stimulation of private investments through competitive fiscal conditions.

FPPG proposes the following measures:

– Economic recovery through large-scale projects – the Black Sea and the urgent

need to modify the offshore law in order to clarify the stability clause, to define competitive tax terms and create free market conditions;

– Liberalization of the gas market and the elimination of additional taxation – bearing in mind that it is necessary to maintain the liberalization of the natural gas market – correlated with the implementation of measures to protect vulnerable consumers;

– Modernization of the energy law so that the modifications made allow the agreements for the purchase of electricity for new plants;

– Unlocking projects from European funds as new technological solutions are required to facilitate collaboration between industries in the energy transition process;

– Digitization of the oil and gas industry with a view to bureaucratization and to promoting new technologies to support companies and authorities alike;

– Promoting energy efficiency projects;

– Urgent modification of the labor code and correlation of its provisions with the needs of employers.

According to FPPG’s Director of External Affairs Daniel Apostol, the whole economy now needs the firm, prompt and substantial intervention of the state. In order to mitigate the negative impact on the strategic oil and gas sector, clear state aid schemes must be implemented immediately to support the entire chain of activities, from production to supply. The efficiency of a government is no longer measured in the budget deficit, but is measured mainly by its ability to determine the rapid recovery of the national economy.

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