Romania: Renewable energy provided 86 % of electricity consumption on 2 June

, SEE Energy News

Around noon on 2 June over 86 % Romania’s electricity consumption was provided by renewable energy, with exports of about 1,500 MW, according to data published by electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica.

Namely, at 11:35 on 2 June, hydro production stood at 3,513 MW, followed by wind with 2,195 MW. Other renewable sources also contributed: solar with 487 MW and biomass with 87 MW. Conventional energy sources provided 1,055 MW (coal), 699 MW (nuclear) and 663 MW (natural gas).

The country’s consumption at that time was of 7,222 MW, production stood at 8,681 MW, and the difference of 1,459 MW was exported. Also on 2 June, Romania had the cheapest electricity spot market in the region, with an average price of 64.71 euros/MWh. For comparison, in the countries with which Romania is coupled – Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the price was 65.72 euros/MWh.