Romania: RESInvest program to be launched

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RESInvest program is a program dedicated to the localization of the value chain for renewable energy in Romania, by encouraging local production of technology used in the renewable sector and creating investment opportunities based on European funds. The Romanian Association for Wind Energy (RWEA) announces the launch of this program.

The objectives of RESInvest will be presented during events organized in May and October 2021, with the participation of all major players in this sector. RWEA President Carlo Pignoloni said that in the context of the commitments assumed by Romania through the national plans for renewable energy and the objectives of the European Commission to accelerate decarbonization by 2050, the association estimates a significant increase of the projects for new renewable energy capacities. For the realization of these projects, significant resources are needed, resources that Romania has the potential to produce, generating a direct impact on the economic development of the country and for the easier energy transition.

RWEA considers that there are important sectors that can be attracted and relocated in Romania, such as the production of equipment for renewable energy installations, including the training of qualified personnel for their operation and maintenance. Romania can become a hub of know-how by developing a local value chain for renewable energy based on national research and innovation plans, as well as on adjacent technological concepts such as storage, hydrogen, transport and digitization.

The transformation of these opportunities into a real benefit for the Romanian industry can be achieved only if there will be targets with clear deadlines, assumed by the Romanian Government, regarding the development of new renewable energy production and storage capacities, technologies and systems. hydrogen-based, as well as attracting new industrial production chains to Romania.

The Romanian Association for Wind Energy (RWEA) is the strongest renewable energy association in Romania. It has been actively and constructively participating, since 2008, in the process of transforming the Romanian energy market, with a staff of 3,000 MW installed and new wind energy capacities in development, related service providers, as well as retraining and professional training programs, contributing to the transition from fossil energy to clean green energy.