Romania, Romgaz has put into operation the Cosereni drying station

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Romanian Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu announced that state-owned natural gas producer Romgaz has put into operation the Cosereni drying station, with three gas wells in the Snagov area near Bucharest being put into production.

This will enable an additional gas supply of 230,000 cubic meters per day, with an investment of 6.2 million euros.

Minister Popescu also announced that, by the end of the first quarter of 2023, Romgaz will introduce into production at least 6 gas wells in the Snagov area, which will bring an additional supply of natural gas of about 600,000 cubic meters.

According to him, from 2021 until now, Romgaz has put into production 14 new operating wells to support domestic production at a time when energy self-sufficiency is becoming critical.

CEO of Romgaz Aristotel Marius Jude said that, since 2021, the company has stepped up its efforts to complete an important stage in the development of the Snagov project. It carries out a sustained activity in order to maintain an average annual production decline below 2.5%, a strategic objective included in the company’s development strategy, in the context in which the majority production comes from mature onshore deposits. Moreover, in order to achieve this objective and, implicitly, to obtain additional production, Romgaz invests in geological exploration in order to discover new natural gas reserves and for the introduction of new production capacities.

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