Romania, State imported 50% more gas in January, at four times the price

, SEE Energy News

Romania imported 50% more gas in January this year than in January 2021, or 4,083 million MWh, compared to 2,726 million MWh, according to the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE).

In January 2021, imports covered less than 17% of consumption. A total of 2.962 million MWh was imported, of which 2.726 million MWh were current imports, and the rest of the previously imported gas was injected into storage.

The weighted average price of gas purchased in January 2022 on the basis of import contracts increased 4.4 times compared to the same month last year, from only 68.56 levs (14 euros) per MWh to 305.42 levs (62.3 euros) per MWh.

The calculation shows that the value of gas imported to Romania in January this year exceeded 1.2 billion levs (245 million euros), while in January 2021 it was below 190 million levs (38.8 million euros).


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