Romania: Ten fast recharging stations to be installed by OMV Petrom

, SEE Energy News

In the next few months ten fast recharging stations for electric cars will be installed at OMV Romanian petrol stations in cooperation with Enel X by the largest Romanian oil and gas producer OMV Petrom.

The fast recharging stations will be installed at OMV and Petrom branded petrol stations covering a distance of approximately 380 kilometers on the main roads in Romania, connecting cities from the east, center and west of the country. The recharging stations will have an available power of minimum 50kW each, and a recharging cycle for 80 % of a car battery capacity will take around 25 minutes.

Radu Caprau, a member of the Management Board of OMV Petrom responsible for the Downstream Oil activity, said that the company believes that the answer to its customers’ mobility needs is a mix of fuels and alternative solutions. Through this partnership, OMV Petrom contributes to the development of the national recharging infrastructure to enable the transit of electric cars in Romania. It is estimated that, by the end of 2021, over 40 recharging stations for electric cars will be installed in OMV’ regional fuel network.

OMV Petrom is active on the fuel distribution market in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia, operating a network of 802 petrol stations under OMV and Petrom brands.