Romania, The goal is to increase energy independence level as early as this year

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Romanian Prime Minister Niculae Ciuca met with the representatives of Romelectro, Hidroconstruct, Hidroelectrica, EC Oltenia and EC Hunedoara in order to seek solutions for further development of the country’s electricity generation capacity. The goal is to increase Romania’s energy independence level as early as this year.

This will result from the commissioning of around 710 MW in new generation capacities in 2022: EC Oltenia with 300 MW (from May), Romgaz with 210 MW (TPP Iernut, by the end of 2022) and Hidroelectrica with 200 MW (from early 2023).

The Government promised to step up investment plans from the Modernization Fund to develop electricity generation capacities, including those from renewable sources, including the projects worth 1.4 billion euros submitted earlier this year by EC Oltenia, of which 895 million euros will be provided from the Modernization Fund. Another 400 million euros will be allocated to projects submitted by electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica, for a total of 1.1 billion euros intended for the development of the electricity distribution network.

The Ministry of Energy plans to launch the calls for energy projects worth 960 million euros by the end of March, which will lead to an additional electricity generation capacity of 260 MW in the coming years.

Additional 2.8 billion euros will be made available from the Modernization Fund this autumn for the development of electricity generation capacities.

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