Romania, The price of electricity for delivery in 2023 is rising to over 200 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

The growth trend of electricity prices for delivery in the next year continues.

In 2021, the average weighted price on the Centralized Market for Bilateral Agreements (Extended Auction Model – PCCB-LE Flex) was 439 levs (88.3 euros) per MWh, according to the Electricity Market Operator (OPCOM).

On the other hand, by the end of April 2022, the weighted average price of transactions realized on this market had more than doubled – to 890 levs (179 euros) per MWh.

In 2022, only 94 transactions were realized on this market, for only 4.75 TWh. However, given that the PCCB-LE Flex trades electricity with delivery until 2027, it is clear that electricity prices will be high in the coming years.

Also, electricity for delivery in 2021 cost an average of 269 levs (54 euros) per MWh, while the price for this year rose to 488 levs (98 euros) per MWh.

The weighted average price for delivery in 2023 is 589 levs (118.5 euros) per MWh.

In the market for bilateral agreements – the model of continuous negotiations (PCCB-NC), the average weighted price of transactions realized last year was 456 levs (91.7 euros) per MWh. For transactions concluded by the end of April this year, the weighted average price also more than doubled, to 1,006 levs (202.3 euros) per MWh, according to OPCOM.


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