Romania, There will be no issues with gas supply if imports from via Ukraine are stopped

, SEE Energy News

According to CEO of Romanian natural gas transmission system operator Transgaz Ion Sterian, the country’s natural gas imports through Ukraine are functioning normally at the moment, but even if there are interruptions, the gas flow can be easily redirected through other routes.

Sterian said that there are no problems with the imports through Ukraine, adding that Romania is prepared for all possible scenarios, and will be able to deal with any situation. In any case, Romania’s gas supply will not be affected, he assured.

Romania currently imports 5.3 million cubic meters of natural gas per day through Ukraine, and its national consumption is about 40 million cubic meters per day.

Even if the gas imports from Ukraine are stopped, gas flows can be easily redirected. Sterian reminded that Transgaz made its investments in gas infrastructure on time. At the moment, BRHA gas pipeline is operating at full capacity, and all the stations are operating at maximum capacity, in reverse flow, but not in both directions.

Other gas entry pipelines in Romania are Giurgiu- Ruse (Bulgaria) and Arad-Szeged (Hungary).