Romania: Transelectrica grid connection contracts from RES reached 9576MW

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Transelectrica and eight distribution system operators for electricity from Romania signed until 31 December 2015 contracts of connection to the grid for renewable energy projects totaling 9576 MW, according to a document of Transelectrica .

The largest capacities are energy production from wind, 6,280 MW respectively. PV projects under contract for connection to the network reached 2,519 MW, while small hydro totaling 621 MW.

In addition, there are 139.9 MW capacity biomass and 16.7 MW biogas already have contracts for connection to the network, as well as a small project of 0.05 MW of geothermal energy.

Transelectrica noted that these data include works commissioned or part. Projects under contract connection, but not yet completed, are in the advanced stage of the work, but this does not necessarily mean that all will be completed.

The capacities of electricity production from renewable sources that are in operation have come to power total installed capacity of 5.142 MW at the end of 2015, according to data centralized by Transelectrica.

The system included wind farms with an output of 3,129 MW, photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 1,325 MW, small hydropower plants of 585 MW and projects biomass with power cumulative 103 MW.

At the end of 2014, appeared in system production capacity of renewable energy 5,200 MW, according to Transelectrica.

For 2016, the mandatory quota of electricity produced from renewable energy benefiting from the promotion system through green certificates is 12.15% of gross final consumption of electricity, according to a Decision adopted by the Government on 30 December 2015. the quota for this year is higher than 2015, which it was set at 11.9%.

“If we consider the agreements for exemption issued by the end of 2015 (7,000 GWh) and 2016 (1,000 GWh in addition to 2015) the impact of green certificates in the bill to final customers of electricity non-exempt (population and SMEs) will rise from 35 lei / MWh, about 43 lei / MWh “according to a release of the Government, issued late last year, transmits

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