Romania, Transelectrica to invest 424 million euros from the Modernization Fund in nine projects

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The Romanian Ministry of Energy and electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica have signed the first financing contracts through the Modernization Fund for nine electricity infrastructure projects. The funds received amount to 424 million euros.

President of Transelectrica’s Management Board Gabriel Andronache said that the implementation processes of the nine investments with funding from the Modernization Fund place the operator at another level of performance, contributing to the development of the its status in a national and regional context. The fact that it obtained 30 % of the approved financing for Romania represents a concentrated effort of expertise, experience and involvement of Transelectrica’s specialists. This set of large, complex projects demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment to meeting European energy security objectives.

The nine projects that obtained funding from the Modernization Fund are:

1. Construction of a new 400 kV overhead transmission line (double circuit) Constanta Nord– Medgidia Sud, equipped with a single circuit – with a value of approximately 23 million euros;

2. Construction of a new 400 kV Gadalin– Suceava single-circuit overhead transmission line, including its interconnection to the national electricity transmission system – with a value of over 101 million euros;

3. Internal line between Resita and Timisoara/ Sacalaz, consisting of a new 400 kV overhead transmission line Resita-Timisoara/Sacalaz and in the 400 kV refurbishment of the 110/2020 kV Timisoara substation – with a value of approximately 64 million euros;

4. Construction of the 400 kV overhead transmission line Timisoara/Sacslaz/Arad – with a value of over 57 million euros;

5. Switching to the 400 kV voltage of overhead transmission line Brazi Vest-Teleajen-Stalpu – with a value of about 51 million euros;

6. Pilot project – refurbishment and digitalization of the 220/110/20 kV Alba Iulia substation –with a value of approximately 47 million euros;

7. Installation of two modern reactive power compensation means in the 400/220/110/20 kV Sibiu South substations of 400/220/110/20 kV Bradu – with a value of over 52 million euros;

8. Optimizing the operation of the existing 400 kV transmission lines in the electricity transmission system, used in interconnection and for the evacuation of electricity from NPP Cernavoda and renewable energy generation facilities in Dobrogea, by installing online monitoring systems (Smart Grid type) – with a value over 10 million euros;

9. Digitization of the electricity transmission network in Romania by installing two online systems, for the metering and management of electricity measurement data on the wholesale market and for monitoring the quality of electricity – with a value of over 18 million euros.

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