Romania: Transenergo and Lukoil, RWE among the companies that have not purchased a sufficient number of green certificates

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On the list published by ANRE there are 43 companies that did not meet the obligation to purchase certain number of green certificates. They are lacking 107,452 certificates in total for Q1 2016.

Company Transenergo who failed to purchase 69,018 certificates for the first three months has the largest debt. Following it on the list is RWE Energie lacking 18,474 certificates. Lukoil Energy and Gas has a debt of 9,218 certificates, and Hunedoara 6,590.

The suppliers will pay 120 euros per certificate they did not purchase, which is two times more than the maximum market price of green certificates, according to the decision of ANRE.

Renewable energy producers receive free green certificates that they sell on the specialized market. Suppliers are obliged to purchase certain number of these certificates, proportionally to the volume of the sold energy. Certificates are then being transposed into the final bill, and thus renewable energy is being subsidized by all the customers, including the households.

For 2016, mandatory quota for electricity generated from renewable sources is 12.5 percent in the final gross electricity consumption. According to the decision adopted by the Government on 30 December, 2015, quota for this year is higher than for 2015 when it was 11.9 percent.

Approved level of quotas for 2016 foresees achieving national goal in terms of share of renewable sources in the final consumption, in accordance with the dynamics proposed by ANRE. This goal will be achieved by limiting the sale of green certificates by the renewable energy producers to 60 percent of total emission of the certificates, in accordance with the decision of the Government.

Renewable energy producers claim that the decision of the Government prevents the sale of green certificates and that many companies in this sector will go bankrupt, transmits

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