Romania: Wind project in Tulcea county to be resumed

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Wind project in Tulcea county, estimated to 150 million euros, is developed by local subsidiary of Max Boegl – Energia Mileniului III, with the support of a local company BTG Wide Consulting. German company Max Boegl International, in cooperation with its Romanian partners, will resume the development of 99 MW wind farm project in Tulcea county, which was suspended in 2014 when the Government significantly cut the support for renewable energy projects.

The project was conceived in a period of widespread support to RES projects in Romania, which was marked by the huge increase of the country’s RES capacity and state RES support exceeding 4.5 billion euros. However, in 2014, the Government significantly reduced RES subsidies because the model was unsustainable end would inevitably lead to increased costs for end-consumers and distortions in the electricity market.