Romanian electricity surplus to decrease price for consumers and trigger bigger export

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The price of electricity will drop for all consumers, as Romania has a production surplus that needs to be sold, Remus Borza, representative of Hidroelectrica’s legal administrator, EuroInsol, told a specialist press conference on Wednesday.

‘It is for the first time this year when the offer is higher than the demand. The electricity price will decrease for everyone, because we have a production surplus and we must learn to sell. We are used with the smart guys and behind desks. Now, we have to be more creative, to be more trade-oriented, more adaptable,’ Borza said.

According to the cited source, there are high chances for the energy surplus not to be sold, on the grounds of the principle ‘We do not sell our country,’ because ‘The national energy system is one and the system’s efficiency is another. The smartest of the smart guys was no other but the state. We cannot export, because our megawatt is expensive and starts from 50 euros,’ Hidrolectrica’s legal administrator’s representative said.

The regulated electricity price increased 6 percent starting on January 1, 2013, and another price increase is planned starting on July 1, according to the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). Moreover, another 8 percent increase will add to the final invoice, representing the green energy, which will mean 2 lei extra per monthly invoice.

As concerns the natural gas prices, the first increase for household consumers will be carried out on July 1, 2013, when the regulated price will increase 8 percent, and the second one will be on October 1, when these prices will go up 2 percent.

Source actmedia