Romanian state offers subsidies for increasing household energy efficiency

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The Romanian government created the new program “Energy Efficient House” which will run for 18 months. The Romanian state will cover up to 60 % of costs of homeowners who want to increase the energy efficiency of their residences.

Romanian Environment Minister Costel Alexe said that subsidies cannot exceed 15,000 euros per applicant, while total funds allocated for the program amount to some 100 million euros, which means that subsidies will be granted to up to 9,000 applicants.

By using these funds homeowners will be able to install thermal insulation systems, better insulating windows, gas-fired boilers using condensation technology, solar panels, LED lighting systems, and any other systems that can improve the energy efficiency of their houses.

Minister Alexe stressed that there will be no paperwork, and all the procedures could be completed online. The only documents required are the homeowner’s ID card, proof of ownership, and energy efficiency certificate, and an audit to show how the energy efficiency will improve with the investment.

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