SEE Region, Drop in spot prices, to 160 to 187 euros per MWh on Wednesday

, SEE Energy News

Day-ahead electricity prices for delivery on Wednesday, January 25, fell moderately in most countries of the region. They ranged from 159.4 euros per MWh in Bulgaria and Romania to 187.02 euros per MWh in Greece.

In Bulgaria and Romania, the spot price remained almost unchanged compared to Tuesday (-0.1 percent), while in Greece it was reduced by 4 percent.

The spot price in Serbia fell by 3 percent on Wednesday, to 160.26 euros per MWh. In Slovenia, the spot price was reduced by 9 percent, to 183.59 euros per MWh, and in Hungary by 11 percent, to 184.18 euros per MWh. Croatia recorded the biggest price drop, by 12 percent, to 169.09 euros per MWh.

In the previous five days, spot prices have increased in the region since Saturday, from a level of 82.2 euros per MWh in Croatia to 166.4 euros per MWh in Slovenia.

Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia registered strong exports on Tuesday. At 2 p.m., Romania exported a capacity of 1,450 MW, Bulgaria 833 MW and Serbia 585 MW, according to data from national system operators.

Prices in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia on Wednesday are lower compared to Central Europe – they range from 177.9 euros per MWh in Poland to 187.8 in Austria.

Sweden and Finland recorded the lowest prices in Europe on Wednesday – 24.3 euros per MWh. This was contributed by wind production, which accounted for over 30 percent of electricity production. Spain (where wind energy contributed 42 percent) and Portugal follow, with 92-93 euros per MWh.

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