SEE region: Electricity prices ranged 87 – 133 euros/MWh in Week 13

, SEE Energy News

Electricity prices in Week 13 in Europe fluctuated, with most countries registering lower or stable electricity prices compared to Week 12 as milder weather combined with renewed French nuclear availability led to electricity prices fluctuations.

Five countries in SE Europe recorded notable losses with an average percentage price decrease of 11%. Greece registered the highest weekly electricity price decline by 17%. Bulgaria and Romania registered dipping electricity prices, both falling by 7%.

Weekly average spot electricity prices in SEE posted moderate losses during Week. Electricity prices traded in the range of 87 – 133 euros/MWh, with wholesale electricity prices forming lower in Serbia at a weekly average at 85.04 euros/MWh. Bulgaria and Romania were seen as the second cheapest electricity markets in Week 13, with electricity prices at 87.14 euros/MWh.

Greece was the second most expensive country in Europe, after Italy, with an electricity price of 106.49 euros/MWh. At the same time, renewables output in Greece grew significantly.

Weekly average spot electricity prices in Central Europe followed an upward trend with electricity prices rising above 90 euros/MWh, with the exception of Germany and Netherlands. The latter was the country with the lowest electricity price at 88.65 euros/MWh.

Switzerland was the country in Central Europe with the highest price at 109.03 euros/MWh, remaining relatively stable compared to previous week.

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