SEE region: Wind generation 3 TWh in Week 13

, SEE Energy News

The output from variable renewables in Southeastern Europe soared significantly by 69% during Week 13 (March 27 – April 2), rising to 3.09 TWh, driven by much higher wind output than the previous week. Wind generation was 132% higher compared to Week 12, reaching 2.15 TWh.

All markets in the region witnessed considerably higher wind power output. Bulgaria registered the highest percentage increases by 244%, amounting to 162 GWh.

At the same time, wind generation in Serbia, Greece and Romania grew by 138%, 118% and 107% respectively, totaling 29 GWh, 260 GWh and 162 GWh.

Solar output in the region marked a moderate increase by 4% totaling 942 GWh. Most countries in the region witnessed increased solar yield, except Romania and Croatia which recorded declines by 19% and 3% respectively.

Greece and Bulgaria saw their solar output soar by 3% and 15% respectively, due to clear skies conditions.

Greece’s variable renewable output grew higher during Week 13 as compared to Week 12 by 53%, amounting to 420 GWh, largely due to higher wind generation.

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