SEE Region, Spot prices in the eighth week 119 – 153 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

Spot electricity prices in the period from February 20 to 26 were reduced in all European markets compared to the previous week, except in France, under the influence of a drop in demand, which was reduced by 6 percent on average. On all markets in Southeast Europe, spot prices fell moderately, by 13 percent on average.

The biggest weekly drop in the spot price of electricity was recorded by Romania and Bulgaria – by around 21 percent. In addition, Greece recorded an 8 percent lower price compared to the seventh week.

The average weekly spot prices of electricity in SEE ranged from 119 to 153 euros per MWh in the eighth week. The lowest prices were recorded in Bulgaria and Romania – around 119 euros per MWh.

The Italian market was the most expensive in Europe with an average price of 153.4 euros per MWh, while the Greek market was in second place, with 145 euros per MWh.

The remaining prices in the region in the eighth week amounted to: 127.6 euros per MWh in Serbia, 125.4 euros per MWh in Hungary and 128.2 euros per MWh in Slovenia.

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