SEE Region: Spot prices ranged 117 – 151 euros/MWh in the week 14

, SEE Energy News

In a week 14 electricity prices in Europe rose as a cold weather and wind power production fell from already low levels. All countries in the region of Southeast Europe recorded a noticeable increase in spot prices, by 30% on average.

Serbia recorded the highest weekly increase in the price of electricity, by 45%, followed by Romania and Bulgaria with an increase of 34% compared to the 13th week.

The average weekly spot electricity prices in SEE saw a significant increase in the week 14. They ranged from 117 to 151 euros/MWh, with wholesale electricity prices being lowest in Bulgaria and Romania, with a weekly average of 116.7 euros/MWh. The price in Croatia was 121.1 euros/MWh.

Italy was the most expensive European market in week 14, with an average price of 150.8 euros/MWh, up 14% from the previous week. It is followed by Greece, which recorded a jump of 21%, to 129.9 euros/MWh, as a result of a significant drop in production from renewable sources.

Average weekly electricity prices in Central Europe followed an upward trend due to the cold weather and weak wind energy production. The Czech Republic recorded the lowest electricity price in the region at 120.3 euros/MWh, despite a 30% increase compared to the previous week. It is followed by Germany with a price of 120.4 euros/MWh. Switzerland recorded the highest price in Central Europe – 125.7 euros/MWh.

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