Serbia: 2030 energy strategy offers clear plans and new power gen projects to investors, the analysis report

28. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Serbia should invest nine billion EUR in the development of the electro energetics sector by 2030, as a key element of the state energy system. According to the Draft Energy Development Strategy of Serbia by 2025. with the projections by 2030 joint investments with foreign partners are planned for the bigger part of the project.

The priorities are the construction of coal thermal power plant of 700 megawatts by 2025, of which 350 megawatts by 2020, the construction of Reversible hydroelectric power plant “Bistrica” on the Lim, the construction of cogeneration gas plants of 450 megawatts by 2020. and construction of transmission and distribution infrastructure. Draft Stratet estimates that possibility of the nuclear power plant construction should not be completely excluded, considering the environmental constraints for electricity production and future needs.

The biggest part of the investment, total of 5.3 billion EUR, is scheduled by 2020.

These investments include 200 MEUR of investment in the hydropower plants modernization, investment of 1.1 billion EUR in new thermal power plants, 360 MEUR for reversible hydroelectric power plant, 2.3 billion EUR for renewable energy sources, 200 MEUR for transmission system and 500 MEUR of investment in the distribution system.

The average annual production of the units predicted for the withdrawal is about 6,000 givawatt- hours so for providing a safe consumers supply is necessary to introduce of new production units in the system.

Potential construction projects of the new production capacities, according to the Draft Strategy are TENT B3 of 750 megawatts, worth 1.6 billion EUR, TPP “Kolubara B” with the power of 375 megawatts, worth 1.5 billion EUR , “Kostolac B3” of 350 megawatts  in which should be  invested 450 MEUR, thermal power plant “Novi Kovin” with two units of 350 megawatts and “Stavalj” of 300 megawatts, cogeneration gas plants in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Pancevo, Nis of  1,200 megawatts.

As potential projects are also mentioned hydroelectric power plants on the Velika Morava, Ibar, the Middle Drina, reversible hydroelectric power plant “Bistrica” on the Lim and the first phase of “Djerdap 3″ on the Danube with two turbines of 300 megawatts, and mini hydroelectric power plant of 387 megawatts.

It is pointed out that one reversible hydroelectric power plant is necessary to be on the network around 2020. for the development of renewable energy sources use.

According to the Draft Strategy, the additional 1.84 billion EUR of investments in electro energetics were predicted for the period from 2020. by 2025., and between 2025. and 2030. 1.9 billion EUR of investment.

As stated, it is expected that electricity consumption will be 5.7% from 2010. to 2020. The electricity consumption will increase for 10.5% by 2025. and 16.6% by 2030.

It is also stated that the age average of whole installed capacity in the power plants of Serbia Power Utility Company (EPS) is higher than 25 years, and also that share of renewable energy sources should amount 27% by 2020.

The Public discussion on the Draft Energy Development Strategy of Serbia began on 16th August by this document publication and will continue until 11th October.

Source; Serbia Energy

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