Serbia: A new record of TENTA, Connected for 40 days without a break

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Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla A” registered another record in its extremely rich production history. All six units of this power plant, for the first time since they were built and connected to the EPS power system, continuously produce and supply electricity for more than 40 days.

From 23rd January this year, the largest thermal power plant in Southeast Europe, with an installed capacity of 1.720 megawatts, works without any delay on each of the six units.

On this occasion, director of TENT A, Mihailo Nikolic said that maintaining the continuous operation of the six thermal units in such a long time was very complex and technically demanding job, as it involved staff training and excellent insight into the current state of each device and system in order to prevent potential failures.

– This result is even more important considering that it had not been enough money to invest in repairs and maintenance in 2013th. However, the effort of staff great trained and, by all odds, well-planned procedures at overhaul and routine maintenance, daily supervision of the technical condition at the units, made ​​it possible to achieve the maximum when it is most needed, that is during winter – Nikolic said.

Selfless commitment of all employees is key of this important success of TENT A, which just in February, instead of the planned 958 million kilowatt – hours, delivered 967 million kWh to the system, although there was planned suppression.

In this way TENT A gave its full contribution to EPS determination to export electricity and provide the necessary foreign exchange inflow to the state.
Working with all six units TENTA will continue until next weekend, when it is planned to stop unit A5, and this will mean that the units have been on the network without interruption for 44 days.

Source; Serbia Energy