Serbia: Bids opened for the 160MEUR “TPPNT A” project – flue gases desulfurization, Bids submitted by three companies

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Bids opening for the project of TPPNT A – flue gases desulfurization has been carried out last week in Thermal Power plant “Nikola Tesla“ in Obrenovac. The event was attended by the representatives of Japanese company TEPSCO (consultant), “Electric power industry of Serbia“ and TPPNT company, as well as the bidders representatives. Bids were submitted by three consortium bidders – Andritz ( Austria), consortium Mitsubishi-Hitachi (Japan) and Fisia Babcock ( Germany-Japan).

Having in mind it is a very complex, serious and large-scale project, requiring large investments, we expect to have a contract in early 2015, and the completion date for the entire job is 42 months – said Mr. Čedomir Ponoćko, director of TPPNT, after bid opening. – The interest of TPPNT is to complete evaluation and to sign the contract as soon as possible, and to realize the works in as short period as possible. We hope we would be able to finance all that, considering the fact that the country is currently in a big crisis, especially after the floods. If we want to become a member state of the EU, we have to observe all environmental requirements. And those are, primarily the desulfurization and acid rains struggle affecting forests and human health, and significant reduction of powder matter emission into the atmosphere.

According to Mr. Ponoćko, the realization of this project is of great importance to environmental protection, not only in Obrenovac and Serbia, but also across the entire region.

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