Republika Srpska: TPP “Gacko” records good results in may

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Thermal Power Plant / TPP / Gacko produced 149.48 GWh of electricity in May, which is 97 percent compared to a monthly plan, confirmed the director for the electricity production and the development of this company Borislav Vujicic.
He pointed out that such a good production results were achieved thanks to good operational readiness, timely and quality employees work on the unit, as well as a good preventive and routine maintenance, adding that the unit reliability coefficient was hundred percent.
“For this production volume was burned about 220,000 tons of coal and 250 tons of fuel oil”, recalled Vujicic, adding that TPP Gacko worked 690 hours online in May and 54 hours was out of service due to mechanical boiler cleaning.
He noted that the unit operation was characterized by lower generator power, namely by significantly poor quality of working fuel, so that the planned fuel heating value was 8.200 to 8.500 kilojoules per kilogram, while the average consumption in May was 7000 kilojoules per kilogram.
“758 gigawatt hours have been produced since the beginning of the year, which is three gigawatt hours less than planned “, said Vujicic, adding that in the mine was produced about 210,000 tons of coal, which is 100.76 percent compared to the plan.
He added that there was about 75,000 tons of coal at the landfill.
Planned aggregate downtime is scheduled on June 20th for a regular overhaul, which will take about 960 hours.

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