Serbia, Commercial consumers should be able to buy electricity at capped prices

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President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Cadez said that the disturbances in the international electricity markets are creating huge costs for the economy and companies are facing the problem of how to maintain their operations, because the increase of electricity prices leads to an increase in the price of everything else. According to him, a temporary solution could be supplying the commercial consumers with electricity from local sources at capped prices.

Cadez reminds that the contracts on the supply of electricity in the free market, signed by commercial consumers in the past days, have been three to four times more expensive than the previously contracted deliveries.

He believes that the situation could be temporarily solved by the prolonging of the new contracts for 60 to 120 days in order to see further developments in the market, as well as the supplying of commercial consumers from local sources (state-owned EPS) at a price that would be capped, while not creating losses for the electricity system.