Serbia: Copper mine Majdanpek to be closed as the state forgot on development, mine privatization perspective opportunity

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When appears the title like this, it is obligatory to add political connotations, probably in the absence of counter-arguments, which will probably happen also in this case. We hope that those who will read this text will be deprived of that pleasure because the argumentation will give completely realistic situation in Mining company Majdanpek that at the moment is not encouraging at all. Although this news sounds like a bolt from the blue, it is very close to the truth according to the present state in the area of development and investment in the Copper Mine Majdanpek who was, and who should continue to be one of the backbones in the implementation of a stable production in the system of Bor copper mining company (RTB).

There is no need to waste words on what existence of the mine means for Majdanpek, as the only source of survival in this region, especially because there is no sign of alternative existential directions in this area. Majdanpek municipality is a typical example of a rural area with very few development opportunities in the field of agriculture, livestock farming and horticulture because the geographic location, altitude and other adverse effects are not given the opportunity to develop any of the aforesaid activities. Concerning that the development of other sectors was not adequate, then we have no other choice than to carry out a positive pressure and a strong warning  in this way , to really avoid the fate that would take us back many years ago when the mine in Majdanpek did not exist.

Development program of RTB Bor for 2013th has clearly defined activities on mining operations in the RBM, also very affirmative and ambitious, that was enthusiastically accepted in Majdanpek. However, almost nothing or only a piece of paper has remained of this program. RTB did not start planned activities on enabling of technological units of  Transport system 1 with associated subsystems (crushers, conveyors, power train, tailings, water intake), as well as work on the relocation of Mali Pek and city collector. If we add to that group of activities also the works on Andenzit finger, which have resulted in a large “civilian” works (relocation of road for Kučevo passing through the Andenzit finger, bus stop displacement, moving of approximately 50 families or more from the residential building on the right side of Mali Pek), then our gloomy forecasts are very real and, unfortunately, very quickly achievable. This point is supported by the fact that it needs time for the works to be done. The time for design, tendering and contracting (at least 75 days) and also a period for operative implementation at least 60 to 90 days on condition that all goes according to the prescribed procedure, and we know how can “go” with us and the cold test and break − in, making a total of 150-180 days or 5-6 months, which, in turn, means that this year is lost.

According to the present intersection of state, it is reasonable to expect the termination of RBM work in september, at best, in october 2013. Perhaps it would   be working on certain activities just to be doing something, but 400 tons of copper in concentrate per month will only be desired.

The one who should take care about this, surely knows this well, but it will be very difficult to find excuses to kill one city with all that exist in it. Intentionally, we do not mention names because it will be “attack” again on one’s character and work, but we had to mention the name of Majdanpek because it is about human destinies, our future, about our children.

We do not expect any response, explanation, denials, reasons …  We only expect that all those to whom their lives mean something also will do something, urgently, immediately, without delay, with plan, with agreement … That would be the most appropriate move because the time factor does not recognize agreements and excuses.

Source; Bor media center/Serbia Energy Mining Desk