Serbia, Country cannot count on wood biomass as a serious energy source

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Director of the public forest management company Vojvodinasume Robert Kokai said that Serbia’s capacities when it comes to wood biomass are very limited and it is practically impossible to count on wood biomass as a source of energy in serious, relevant quantities, while at the same time not jeopardizing the supply of wood- processing facilities with the raw material.

Kokai said that there could be no major annual increase in the wood mass at the existing forest fund. If the use of wood biomass for energy purposes is promoted and stimulated without a plan, Serbia will very soon have to face a choice: whether to use the available wood mass as a raw material in the wood-processing industry or as fuel, because there will not be enough for both.

It should also kept in mind that investments in energy-efficient and ecologically acceptable biomass furnaces are not small, so previous analyses need to be done and it needs to be determined what the realistically available quantities of wood biomass in Serbia are.

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