Serbia, Country should lift moratorium on NPP construction

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Director of district heating provider Beogradske Elektrane Rade Basta said that the moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants in Serbia should be revoked in order to attract potential investors in such project.

Basta said that he would like to invite large companies from the United States and Europe to invest, together with Serbia, in such a project that will ensure the country’s long-term energy stability.

He said that Serbia, as one of the countries of southeast Europe, had a good geostrategic position which should be used in the field of energy in order to realize strategic and national goals of development.

Basta pointed out that Serbia is surrounded by ten nuclear reactors, as Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania all have NPPs and all are planning to expand their capacity in the near future.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said earlier this month that Serbia is prepared to acquire a stake up to 10 % in a nuclear power plant project in the region in order to diversify its energy sources and gain access to cheap and reliable electricity.