Serbia, Country’s goal is to have at least 40 % of its energy produced from (RES) by 2040

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Speaking at the renewable energy conference in Belgrade, Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic, said that the country’s goal is to have at least 40 % of its energy produced from renewable energy sources (RES) by 2040 and more than 50 % by 2050.

Minister Mihajlovic added that emissions of harmful gases in the next 10 years are expected to follow the EU average. She pointed out that the adoption of the new legal framework laid the foundation for the implementation of the new energy policy. The issue of decarbonization, green energy transition is a global and generational issue and as such it requires a unique answer and joint action. The value of the projects of the new investment cycle is 17 billion euros, of which at least 5 will be for RES.

She said that the secondary legislation is currently being worked on and is expected to be adopted by the end of October. That will enable for the first auction for RES projects based on premiums model to be held in December this year.