Serbia, Crni Vrh wind project one step closer to construction start

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The investor in the Crni Vrh wind project – Crni Vrh Power, has filed a request for granting approval for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) study for the project to the Serbian Ministry of the Environment.

The area of the planned wind farm is located on the territory of three local governments: Bor, Majdanpek and Zagubica. Out of 32 proposed wind turbines, 11 will be built on the territory of the city of Bor, 4 in Majdanpek municipality and 17 in Zagubica municipality.

The cost of the construction of the wind farm is estimated to some 100 million euros. Inistially, it was expected for the construction to start in 2021.

In the past few years, eastern Serbia has become popular spot for developing wind farm projects. Last month, the City Council of Bor drafted a decision on the preparation of the detailed regulation plan of the area of the wind farm Snaga Istoka. The wind farm will spread along the stretch of Veliki Krs, Stol Mountain and Deli Jovan with an installed capacity of up to 450 MW. The deadline for the preparation of the plan is one year.

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