Serbia: Draft RES Law introduces prosumers

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The draft law on the use of renewable energy sources introduced for the first time the concept of buyer-producer (so-called prosumer), which represents a buyer of electricity who can also produce electricity for their own needs, while delivering surplus electricity to the grid and thus reduce its electricity bills.

When the new Law on Renewable Energy Sources is adopted, it will enable Serbian citizens to produce and sell “green” electricity, thus reducing energy consumption in their households and electricity and heating bills.

As explained by the Ministry of Mining and Energy, the new law introduces market premiums instead of the current feed-in tariffs, which will expose RES producers to the influence of the market and competition, reducing costs for citizens and the economy, while investors have guaranteed stability and predictability of the legal framework.

Feed-in tariffs are retained only for small-scale power plants and demonstration projects, in accordance with EU state aid rules. These incentives will also be awarded via auctions according to the same rules as auctions for the allocation of market premiums, which will also reduce the prices of the feed-in tariffs.

The Ministry said that it is expected that solar panels will be installed on the roofs of buildings, with most interest expected among residential and small commercial consumers.