Serbia: EFT electricity trader will not participate actively on retail market, Stock exchanges help markets development

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Marko Cokorilo from the company EFT AG said that the company would not include in the Serbian retail electricity market this year and could not even say whether it would happen in 2015th . Speaking about the exchanges importance for the electricity market development Cokorilo said the stock guaranteed the market transparency and visibility and the price achieved on it could help investors in making decisions about building production or transmission capacity.

“In continental Europe, in recent years, stock exchanges have become very-active in implicitly allocation of cross border capacities on a daily basis, by using the method of “market connecting”. Four national exchanges now operate in the region – in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Greece “, said Cokorilo.

Commenting on the announcement of the initiation of Serbian Energy Stock Exchange, EFT representative says that the success of each stock depends on the amount of electricity that is sold on it.

EFT representative stressed the importance of the market connection, and as a good example cited the recent establishment of the SEE Coordination Action Body, by which would be governed from one center, by the introduction of uniform rules and uniform system of capacities allocation. Also, Cokorilo stressed the importance of connecting stock exchanges in Romania and Hungarian exchange, which combines the markets of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cokorilo assessed as very positive the announcement of the offer of Hungarian stock exchange -HUPEX to connect with Serbian stock exchange in emerging.

Source; Serbia Energy